About us

popUpminds was founded in 2020 by Arie Kegen and Orit Samouha, with the mission of upgrading entrepreneur's mindset and performance so they can create and innovate with a purpose.

Arie Kegen, Master trainer of NLP, Founder and CEO of Kegen Institute For NLP, trained and certified hundreds of individuals as master NLP and Guided imagery over the last 20 years, practiced with some of the most outstanding motivators and NLP leaders of our time, a speaker, NLP workshops with organizations.

Orit Samouha, NLP Master Practitioner and a Performance coach. Over 20 years of business experience as a real estate entrepreneur. This combination enables me to understand innovators and entrepreneurs at a deep level while simultaneously focusing on the business imperatives that drive their behavior.

Based on innovative techniques, we can effectively help entrepreneurs concentrate on what empowers them and make them aware of what holds them back

Sessions of one-on-one benefits -

Development and purpose.


Engagement and relationships.

Upgrade performance.


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